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i'm a huge fag

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Am I the only one, when roleplaying, that has this slight paranoia thinking that the person might not like roleplaying with me or might be annoyed with me





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So apparently Age of Ultron is coming out on my birthday next year

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happy birthday someone

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The Patriot Collection by Gold Bubble Clothing


Heeeeyyyyyy tumblr coughmybirthdayisnextmonthcough

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W i p e him. Start over.

What kills me is up to that last gif he hasn’t been making eye contact. He’s been lost in his own confusion and memories and even his lashing out is not from a desire to hurt everyone, but from flashbacks. He’s treated like a thing and he acts like a thing. Even his not answering how Pierce wants isn’t defiant, it’s like a broken record. He’s completely submissive to everyone in that room, disturbingly so. The scene was him being completely vulnerable (he has weapons pulled on him, he’s half dressed surrounded by men in SWAT gear, he looks like a chastened child).

But the last gif he makes eye contact. Because this question is so important to him. Seventy years of being a THING and there’s this glimmer of SOMETHING. There’s a name. There’s a person. There’s a chance he’s not just some weapon to be used and abused as needed. They talk around him, they ignore him, they abuse him…but this is important enough for him to pursue. So he makes eye contact. Like a HUMAN. That eye contact. That look of “I KNOW I know this…and I know you’re gonna take it from me…I know you’re going to hurt me for knowing this…but I KNOW it no matter what you say”. That second gif is regret that he can’t let go of this rabbit trail, but that third one…that third one says “I know you’re lying to me and I know that doesn’t matter because I’m too broken to fight back, but I know I’m right”.

No wonder Pierce doesn’t even bother to demand anything but wiping him after that look. His weapon just looked at him like a human.

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"the cape for thor and now the shield for cap" (x)

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You commies looking for this?

… okay, so a few days ago somebody was listing in their tags all the movies Sebastian Stan’s been in, and one of the tags was “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and I THOUGHT THEY WERE KIDDING.

hot tub time machine is a cinematic gift how dare you

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